Boundary Systems’ suite of SERVICES offers optimization of design, process and management AND a range of solutions for every need, size and budget all while increasing efficiency, speed to market and quality.

Designing your Product support with our CAD Services

CAD, or Computer Aided Design, is essential to engineering new products. CAD allows for easy development of products, the ability to share designs both internally and externally and enhanced simulation, modeling and optimisation. Boundary Systems can use QuickSTART to get you off the ground, effectively mentor your design, provide a multitude of training opportunities and use ModelCHECK to review.

Our QuickSTART offering creates a standardised environment, a library of drawing formats and templates, and helps to establish con guration les and settings – all espressly for you to get designing right away.

Some examples of CAD mentoring include

  • Helping companies create complex design geometry
  • Implementing standard practices across a design team
  • Helping implement new modules of the software
  • Troubleshooting legacy designs
  • Working with non-native geometry
  • Helping utilize advanced assembly tools
  • Answering questions that may have piled up over a period of time
  • Demonstrating alternative methods for design

CAD Training opportunities:

  • Basic user training
  • Detailed drawings
  • Large assembly design
  • Sheet metal design
  • Tooling design
  • Advanced surfacing design
  • Piping, Cabling and Schematics
  • CAD Data Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management

ModelCHECK is a unique feature that automatically checks each CAD le for standard information, guards against problems that would make it dif cult to re-use the data or manufacture the model, highlights problems directly in the model and assists in xing any mistakes.

Let us Optimize Your Development Process

Product Lifecycle Management (or PLM) is the backbone of effective product development. Incorporating a strategic business approach that emphasizes a consistent and collaborative process through every part of the entire organization is simply invaluable.

PLM is even more soup-to-nuts than you think. A few notable solutions that can be included in PLM are Library of Parts Management, Manufacturing Process Management, and PLM Element Services..

Creating a digital catalog allows you to organize parts and lets you search for them in a user friendly way. You dramatically increase the likelihood that designers will locate and reuse existing parts instead of creating new, redundant ones.

Likewise, utilizing a supplier management system can establish a key link between your design and downstream functions such as procurement, sourcing and manufacturing. The result: designers have instant access to critical supply chain and compliance information during the component selection process, which means better, more cost-effective decisions – right from the outset of the development process.

Manufacturing Process Management

Every day, manufacturing engineers face the challenge of ensuring that process plans, manufacturing bill-of-materials (mBOMs), and work instructions accurately re ect the current engineering design. If Manufacturing Process Management (MPM) could be done in sync with Engineering, operating on the same design data, it could positively impact product cost, accuracy of manufacturing deliverables, and development cycle time.

Boundary Systems has a long history with the manufacturing side of product development and can help you discover applications specific to manufacturing engineers.


PLM Element Services

  • Upgrade existing PLM Systems implementations
  • Enterprise-wise data management implementations • CAD Data Managment Implementations
  • Company-wide search, view, print
  • Project Management Implementations

Machining Made Easy with Boundary Systems

Boundary Systems helps companies implement and optimize every aspect of their NC Programming environment. Our capablilities include:

  • CAM training
  • CAM mentoring
  • Post processor development
  • G-Post Training
  • Subcontracted programming
  • CAM integration with PLM