BOM Management

Change and configuration management are fundamental to product development. The process of taking market requirements, customer requests, and innovative ideas and turning them into viable products can not be accomplished without managing product change. While informal changes are accepted early in the design cycle, changes become formal as change complexity and cost increase, and as product matures. The change and configuration management process-controls how informal and formal changes are proposed, analyzed, planned, implemented, and released, as the product evolves from conception to retirement.

The PTC Product Development System offers the following capabilities, necessary for optimization of the change and configuration management process:

  • CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT: Out-of-the-box change and configuration management process with support for formal and informal changes
  • LATEST REVISION: Automated, closed loop process enabling instant access to change of information for analysis, review, approval and implementation
  • CHANGE REQUESTS: Ability to describe, classify and prioritize Problem Reports and Enterprise Change Requests
  • ENTERPRISE VIEWING: Ability to document, review and approve change business justification, impact and analysis
  • CHANGE NOTICE: Ability to effectively plan and manage change implementation using Engineering Change Notice
  • APPROVALS: Facilitate change review of proposal and planned implementation with board of advisor/approvers
  • BASELINES: Manage and capture as planned and as-released product of configuration baselines
  • NOTIFICATION: Automatic notification of downstream consumers of change information of impeding changes and effective dates
  • AUDIT HISTORY: Real-time changing tracking, audit history, electronic signatures and statistics
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