Windchill Component and Supplier Management (SUMA)

Windchill Supplier Management enables companies to integrate and manage supply chain data within Windchill. In addition to helping companies track their supplier parts, Windchill Supplier Management improves the part selection process by making manufacturer and vendor data available early in the design phase.

The primary users of Windchill Supplier Management are Component, Procurement, and Design Engineers.

     There are two sides to Windchill Supplier Management :

• Setting up and maintaining manufacturer and vendor data within Windchill PDMLink

The Sourcing Administrator of your organization is responsible for creating supplier organizations in Windchill PDMLink, populating the database with manufacturer and vendor parts, and creating and updating Approved Manufacturer Part Lists (AMLs) and Approved Vendor Part Lists (AVLs). Generally, Component and Procurement Engineers act as Sourcing Administrators.

    • Using AML and AVL information during the product development

After AMLs and AVLs are created for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, engineers can use this information when selecting parts to use in a design. For example, a Design Engineer can use the Classification search to look for OEM parts that have approved manufacturer or vendor parts. Engineers can also view the sourcing status of parts in the product structure and can annotate AMLs and AVLs in the Product Structure Explorer. Component Engineers can use the sourcing status of parts to create an optimal Manufacturing BOM based on the OEM BOM.

Once the supplier data is integrated with Windchill, engineers can add manufacturer and vendor parts to the AMLs/AVLs, change the sourcing status of supplier parts, search for manufacturer and vendor parts, or obtain various reports on the relationships between OEM parts and associated supplier parts.

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