Creo ModelCHECK Implementation Services

Boundary Systems is the worldwide leader in ModelCHECK implementations. Using our team of highly experienced specialists and engineers we work with each customer to understand their requirements and goals. At Boundary Systems we are able to configure ModleCHECK so that its configuration can grow with your use of Creo. ModelCHECK is a unique capability within Creo packages that allows customers to assist in enforcing good model quality practices, tracking company standards, and automating the adjusting of models to meet best practices standards.


A “spell checker” for engineers, ModelCHECK automatically reviews Creo files to ensure they meet customer standards and best practices. It checks each CAD file for standard information, guards against problems that make it difficult to re-use the data or manufacture the model, highlights problems directly in the model, and assists the user in fixing any mistakes or non-standard practices.

Early checking is part of the secret of ModelCHECK’s power. Finding mistakes or discovering better ways to define a model late in the design process often leads to more labor intensive requirements for making the required adjustements. ModelCHECK finds those mistakes the moment a user makes them so they can be corrected on-the-fly. In many cases, ModelCHECK can even make those corrections for the user when requested.

Because ModelCHECK can learn over time how to best build models for your company’s specific design needs, it is able to house intellectual property of the company. It allows design teams to store lessons they have learned about what works best and then distribute that knowledge to the entire design team. This is especially helpful for growing companies that must bring in new designers and engineers who may not be familiar with your design standards.

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