Creo CAM Postprocessors

Boundary Systems can develop postprocessors for mills, lathes, mill-turns, lasers, and wire EDM machines. We use G-Post as the postprocessor generator and offer 90 day warrantees.

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The Austin N.C., Inc. Generalized Postprocessor (NC G-Post) software enables a user to create postprocessors for all NC and CNC machines, regardless of type. This includes the capability to create postprocessors for simple 2-axis machines through complex multi-axis machining centers and lathes of all types, even those with live tooling and mill turn capabilities. Once created, the postprocessor generates machine-ready output that can be transferred directly to the machine tool.


Boundary Systems experienced trainers and processor developers can assist companies by developing and delivering ready-to-go postprocessors or teaching customers to use G-Post to develop postprocessors themselves. Our services can include development, training, post processor training, advanced automation within the post, as well as troubleshooting during the postprocessor development process.