Converting from SolidWorks to Creo

Some organizations find benefits in moving from SolidWorks to Creo. Some of those benefits may include

  • Standardization of CAD systems for organizations that are currently multi-CAD
  • Increased model stability and predictable model regeneration
  • Accessing additional functionality not found on SolidWorks
  • Compatibility with customers who use Creo
  • Compatibility with vendors and design partners that use Creo
How can we help you?

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For organizations who are looking to switch CAD systems Boundary Systems offers a host of services and capabilities that can smooth the transition. Some of these capabilities include

  • Feature-for-feature CAD translation
  • Basic and Advanced Training for CAD designers and engineers
  • Bulk loading of SolidWorks and Creo data into PLM systems for managing that data
  • Creo Training tailored for SolidWorks Users
  • Quick Start consulting to speed the transition
  • Creo technology for native import of SolidWorks data
  • Tools and techniques for editing native SolidWorks geometry in Creo

Boundary Systems has a team of technical experts who have used multiple CAD systems and know what it is like to have to move data and user skill sets to a new platform. By planning and using the latest technology, we can successfully smooth the transition to Creo with minimum impact on productivity.