Creo Mold Analysis

The Creo Mold Analysis Extension allows users to quickly and accurately simulate the injection molding of plastic parts within Creo Parametric™. This tool allows designers to identify potential problems, optimize designs, and improve the manufacturability of their products.  The capabilities within the Creo Mold Analysis Extension give analysts and designers deep insight into plastic flow behaviors. This powerful tool gives users the ability to run injection molding analyses for design verification and optimization within Creo Parametric, resulting in reduced mold re-engineering costs and late-cycle design changes.

Key Benefits:

• Identify potential mold filling problems such as short shots, air traps, weld lines

• Improve design quality, reduce manufacturing cycle times and rework of molds

• Identify optimal injection locations to reduce cycle time and improve product appearance

• Easily usable by a non-specialist without extensive knowledge of plastic analysis

• Easily optimize molding conditions via design study with multiple analyses. Batch run is supported

• Embedded within Creo Parametric: – Easy-to-use interface – No data translation between CAD, CAM, and CAE

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