Creo Render Studio

With Creo Render Studio, powered by Luxion’s KeyShot ® , you can easily generate stunning photorealistic images of your product directly from Creo.

Imagine how much time and money you’ll save creating your own images with sophisticated handling of light, scenes, and model appearances. Whether you need a photorealistic depiction for a design review, marketing collateral, or packaging, Creo Render Studio makes it easy. Even better, your intellectual property (IP) is protected, so you can send rendered images to external stakeholders without sending your proprietary CAD data with it.

Rendering isn’t just convenient. It also injects flexibility into how you work and streamlines your approach to visual communication for internal and external stakeholders. We think that makes for a high-impact and cost effective picture.

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Key Benefits:

New Rendering Mode

Creo Render Studio is fully integrated with Creo Parametric, so you can switch between the rendering and modeling modes without the need to exit the rendering application. Any design changes you make in Parametric automatically show up in the rendering mode as well.

Work in Real Time

See the results of your changes as you make them.

Real-time Ray-tracing

Leverage existing scenes and appearances applied to your design: lights, High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) environment, textures. Create a screenshot or output a fully rendered image. With real-time ray-tracing, the image is continually rendering itself

  • Scenes containing HDRI environments and lighting
  • Advanced appearance libraries for traditional plastics, metals, paint, etc.
  • Interactive Material Assignments
  • Camera Controls
  • Export option to share data with standalone KeyShot
  • Output standard image formats: JPEG, TIF, PNG
  • Interactive ray tracing

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