Creo Topology Optimization (Generative Design)

With Creo Topology Optimization, you set design criteria, goals, and objectives, and then let the software take over. The result is parametric CAD geometry that satisfies your conditions. No more spending hours, days or weeks recreating optimized ‘dumb’ geometry. Moreover, you’re no longer constrained by ‘carry-over’ geometry, established practices, or the risk of over-engineering products. Creo Topology Optimization automates the design process using advanced shape optimization technology to solve for design criteria, goals, and objectives. The software uses analysis to engineer the optimal design while taking into consideration optional fabrication constraints. You don’t have to figure out the best approach. The software does it for you.

Features and Benefits

• Ease-of-use, including the familiar Creo UI and workflow

• Fast optimization set-up

• Rapidly convert topology optimization results into rich CAD data

• Define manufacturing constraints for additive as well as traditional manufacturing process

• Structural, modal, and thermal analysis

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Additional Information

Additional Information