Hands-on Workshops

Boundary Systems is running a Creo Simulation Live (AM Session) and Creo Flow Analysis (PM Session) hands-on workshop series.  SCROLL DOWN for the location nearest you to register!

9:00AM – 11:30AM Creo Simulate Live
Join us for a hands on experience and see how Creo Simulation Live fully integrates real-time simulation directly into the Creo Parametric modeling environment. No need to defeature your model, more hours or days spent waiting for analysis results. Make design changes and get feedback instantly.

Creo Simulation Live lets engineers perform simulation in real time on a parametric model. “So every time you make a change in your model, you’ll see the consequences instantaneously in the modeling environment,”.  ATTENDEES ARE ENCOURAGED TO BRING THEIR OWN MODELS TO THIS EVENT

1:30PM – 4:00PM Creo Flow Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows companies to simulate fluid flow and allow companies to improve their products and their design times for those products.  Creo Flow Analysis now allows designers and engineers to complete those simulations directly within the easy to use Creo interface.  In this event users will benefit from a hands on introduction to Creo Flow Analysis in the following areas:

  • Introduction to the Creo CFD Simulation interface
  • Setup flow conditions on a Creo assembly
  • Run a basic flow simulation
  • Analyze the results
  • Review the reporting capabilities

Click on a location below to register!

We will be adding more locations and dates – check back!

Erie, PA February 25th
Rochester, NY February 26th
Lexington, VA March 10th
Richmond, VA March 11th
Baltimore, MD March 12th
Ft. Wayne, IN March 24th
Indianapolis, IN March 25th
Dayton, OH March 26th
Orlando, FL May 5th
Charlotte, NC May 6th