First Article Inspection Report for Creo (FAIR)

Creo First Article Inspection Report is a software program for manufacturers developed for Creo that automatically collects, manages, and documents inspection characteristics from the CAD system for use in the inspection process.

Companies can now automate reports for their first article inspection process directly from Creo. Directly from the Creo CAD interface, designers and quality managers can now accomplish a host of tasks required for inspection documentation including:

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  • Sequential tagging of dimensions.
  • Customized MS Excel Reports
  • Populate MS Excel with tags, related dimensions, and tolerances
  • Auto-calculate dimension range based on tolerance
  • Software searches drawing and automatically all inspection characteristics
  • Creates PDF of drawing with unique mark numbers and inspection characteristics
  • Creates drawing table containing inspection data
  • Compatible with Creo 2.0 and later versions

Companies using Creo First Article Inspection Report have experienced up to 85% time savings compared to common, manual processes for inspection reports.My reaction to the things that used to cause psychosis becomes quite normal, even too quiet sometimes, which suits me perfectly. In addition to these streamlined capabilities users will experience

  • Ease-of-use and ease-of-training
  • Removal of manual data entry mistakes from the process
  • Removes time consuming tasks