CAD translation, repair and simplification

CADfix is the leading software solution for CAD model translation, repair, healing, defeaturing and simplification.

CADfix tackles the ever present problems of 3D model data exchange and re-use between different engineering applications, removing the barriers that prevent re-use of solid models in design, analysis and manufacturing systems.

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The powerful set of CADfix geometry translation and repair tools allows users to maximize the re-use of CAD data in downstream CAD, CAM and CAE applications.

  • Translate, repair and simplify CAD models for CAD, CAM and CAE
  • Geometry processing for advanced simulation and manufacturing
  • Minimize downstream CAD model rework
  • Accelerate legacy CAD data conversion
  • Integrate and automatic CAD, CAM and CAE processes

CADfix is packaged as a desktop or server solution, with extensible modular functionality dependent upon the end user’s source and target systems. The application may be integrated into PLM or workflow automation tools. CADfix also serves as a pre-processor within proprietary CAE-centric OEM applications.

CADfix Features

  • Import and export interfaces for most popular CAD formats, solid modeling kernels and data exchange standards
  • Advanced healing and repair engine to correct and repair geometric and topological flaws within the CAD model
  • Batch, wizard and diagnostic modes for automatic and interactive functionality
  • Reduced complexity through de-featuring and simplification to prepare CAD models for analysis and other downstream applications

Advanced geometry processing

CADfix delivers breakthroughs in geometry processing, tackling some of the toughest 3D geometry issues affecting industry. ITI works closely with customers to develop leading edge novel geometry processing technology that will have a significant impact on engineering process efficiency. Take a look at some of the applications below to see how CADfix meets the demands of today’s leading engineering enterprises.