Mathcad Worksheets

To use PTC Mathcad’s tools, it is important to understand the mathematical methods behind them, the algorithms that implement these methods efficiently, and the limitations of performing these algorithms on a computer.

This worksheet collection helps you understand Mathcad’s solving and optimization tools, and how to use them to create effective worksheets. Since different problems require different tools, this collection covers:

  • Identifying the type of problem.
  • Choosing appropriate Mathcad functions for the problem.
  • Using the appropriate Mathcad functions correctly.
  • Interpreting the solutions.

Specific examples are given throughout the collection, so you’ll know what to use when in representative problems.

Quick Sheets

These full-featured PTC Mathcad worksheets:

  • Give you ready-made PTC Mathcad templates that you can customize for everything from solving equations to graphing and calculus.
  • Show you how to use some of PTC Mathcad’s special features, like programming.
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