Creo Classification

Classification tool at the tip of a designer’s fingers. This enables companies to easier follow standards, better classify information for reuse and align naming conventions for ERP and other applications.

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  • Gives the item classification tools on the tip of designers fingers
    • -Configurable number generator
    • -Easy to change the configuration later compared to PDM
  • Parameter values tied to username and environment
    • -Designer, date
  • Nested i.e. multilevel classification rules
    • -Eg. first selection level is bearing, second level is the type of bearing
  • Parameters dependent on others values
    • -E.g. material selection forces to select from shorten list of surface coatings

Business Value

  • Correct information in right place and right format
  • Full benefit from PDM/ERP
  • Down-stream integrations possible
  • Classifying and search information entered to objects transparently
  • Design choice based on information from other systems
  • Minimize duplicate items in the systems