Creo Complete Machining

With PTC Creo CMX Complete Machining, manufacturing engineers can work concurrently with designers to automatically incorporate design changes. With integrated collaboration between two fundamental areas of development, you have the power to increase product quality, reduce scrap, and decrease production time and costs.

Create NC toolpaths faster using graphical dynamic toolpath display, which allows you to visualize the resulting toolpath even when is under definition, and leverage a powerful process manager with easy-to use dashboard controls.

Key benefits

• Supports 2.5 to 5-axis milling, 2 and 4-axis turning, 2 and 4-axis wire EDM, and multi-axis mill/turns

• Includes the 2.5-axis, feature-based machining capability of PTC Creo Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling Extension

• Extends the full associativity of PTC Creo Parametric™ capabilities into manufacturing

• Eliminates the inaccuracies and inconvenience of exporting PTC Creo Parametric geometry to thirdparty machining software

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Additional Information

Additional Information