Creo Advanced Assembly Extension

PTC Creo Advanced Assembly (AAX) helps users simplify complex assembly designs and allows for the development of advanced content with better control, design intent propagation, and system integration. With its advanced tools for top-down assembly design, PTC Creo AAX streamlines the flow of information from design to manufacturing, helping you reach the optimal design, including customized designs, in far less time.

Using PTC Creo’s Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX), its easy to plan out your assembly structure so that individual components can be designed in the context of the overall structure.  As a result, this greatly simplifies complex reference management between components.

PTC Creo AAX also makes it easy to simultaneously share key geometry features among multiple design teams, and simplifies very large assemblies using tools like Default Envelopes. This means that a design assembly containing many objects can easily be represented by one solid part with less detail in order to reduce the number of objects retrieved and to decrease load times.

Also, when you want to customize your assembly designs, you can automate the design by driving designs based on specific custom criteria with minimal effort. Even better, all downstream deliverables, such as production drawings and manufacturing information, are updated automatically with each change making customization simple, fast, and error-free.

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At their largest and most complex, assemblies can be massive endeavors that offer big challenges in terms of computer performance and regeneration issues, as well as design collaboration and maintaining design intent across many designers. PTC’s Advanced Assembly Extension has a powerful tool set to effectively solve all these issues, including Simplified Reps, Skeleton Models, and Top Down Design methodology.

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