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The typical design and manufacturing processes for pipe systems and electrical harnesses are not optimal. Usually involving manual routing through prototypes, it is time-consuming and error-prone. The Creo Piping and Cabling Extension offers a better solution. Its ability to extract logic from schematics automates 3D pipe and cable routing. And, associative manufacturing and documentation tools reduce errors and rework.

For more information on the complete 2D schematic capabilities in Creo, please visit the Creo Schematics product page.

Features & Benefits

  • Logically reference Creo Routed Systems Designer Extension schematics to capture all relevant systems information
  • Full routing capabilities, including automated ribbon cabling and specification-driven design and auto-routing, speeds design and adheres to design rules and schematic logic
  • Includes a customizable library of standard fittings and connectors that fosters design speed and re-use
  • Manufacturability and interference checking eliminate the need for physical prototypes
  • Associative harness manufacturing capabilities include automatic development of flat patterns
  • Accurate documentation of isometric drawings, bend tables, nail board drawing, associative wire lengths, bills of material — enables cost-effective manufacturing
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Additional Information