Creo Rights Management

Creo helps protect your valuable intellectual property with new, market leading digital rights management (DRM) capabilities. Powered by Adobe® LiveCycle® Rights Management ES, Creo lets you secure access to your CAD data to help you improve your design and manufacturing outsourcing processes. Key Benefits

• Provides persistent and dynamic access control to Creo part, assembly, and drawing files

• Precise control over file level data access rights such as file open, copy, save, print, online and offline access

• Instantly updates access rights to shared files as needs change for file version control or changes in partner/employee relationships

• Creo data is secure everywhere, even outside physical firewalls and secure content management systems

• Robust design IP protection improves design and manufacturing outsourcing processes

Outsourcing is growing and becoming a necessity in today’s competitive global market. When you need to share your valuable CAD data internally or externally with design and manufacturing partners, you need added security on your files to persistently protect your intellectual property (IP) in case the data is removed from the secure PLM system. The Creo Rights Management Extension (RMX) gives you robust file level protection and lets you share your design information with confidence–everywhere.

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