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Product performance is critical to the success of many discrete manufacturers. The ability of a product to meet functional requirements impacts revenue, cost, time to market, quality and ultimately the ability of the company to win in a hyper-competitive market. Companies no longer have the luxury of simply over-designing products to make sure they meet performance requirements or testing products with multiple physical prototypes. And, as products increase in complexity, simple design rules and manual calculations can no longer give an accurate prediction of how a product will perform in the real world. Virtual prototyping, validating a design with engineering simulation software, has thus become a necessity to many companies that are looking to accelerate and improve their product development processes.

Creo provides a broad range of CAE solutions that enable design engineers and CAE analysts to validate various aspects of their product, by directly leveraging the 3D CAD geometry in the simulation. The seamless interoperability between Creo apps ensures that time is not wasted and errors are not introduced due to data translation. In addition, Creo gives both design engineers and specialists the speed and flexibility to directly prepare the 3D CAD geometry for design simulation (if required) which streamlines CAE workflow and increases productivity.

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