Creo Behavioral Modeling

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Inferior design practices will often inflate product development costs, due to wasted material, excessive shipping expense, and poor product performance. Ideally, Engineering would be able to embed real-world design requirements — even for multiple objectives — within the digital model, so that these criteria are perpetually satisfied within the product development process.

With Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension, this optimized way of designing is a reality. Creo’s powerful design optimization capabilities help you improve detailed design, reverse engineering, and verification and validation processes, by supporting Design for Six Sigma and robust design initiatives.

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Features & Benefits

  • Embed design requirements within models to solve optimization problems involving multiple design goals and perpetually satisfy performance criteria
  • Assess model sensitivity to understand the effects of change on design objectives
  • Integrate results with external applications
  • Enable consideration of all design requirements, regardless of construction method, to produce optimal designs
  • Run experimental design studies crossing multiple functional areas of Creo product development software

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