Creo Fatigue Advisor

Ensure reliability

Products subjected to repeated cycles of loading and unloading can fail, even if the stresses are well under safe values – a condition known as fatigue. Creo Fatigue Advisor Extension can bolster product reliability by enabling engineers to simulate and improve the fatigue performance of their designs. This reduces design iterations and costly test programs, while improving product durability. Improve your verification and validation processes with Creo’s advanced fatigue analysis capabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Conduct fatigue analysis, evaluating performance measures such as life, damage, and factor of safety
  • Use durability characteristics in design studies to optimize for product life
  • Better understand product durability in real-world settings by specifying repeated standard loads
  • Make optimal design decisions, incorporating considerations of scheduled obsolescence
  • Improve product quality, reduce unplanned after-market service and warranty expenses, and avoid costly product recalls
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Additional Information

Additional Information