Creo Spark Analysis

Product designs are continually increasing in complexity and more products are incorporating electromechanical components.  Designers face the challenge of optimizing these designs, decreasing costs, and ensuring product safety.  The traditional methods of using a rule of thumb design guidelines for proper electrical insulation and manual calculations are often error prone or cannot give designers the accurate results they need to reliably prevent short circuits and product failures.

The Creo Spark Analysis Extension automates the process of clearance and creepage analysis for 3D electromechanical designs.  You can fully analyze virtual prototypes of electromechanical designs.  Predicting the electromechanical safety before manufacturing and optimizing your designs will save you time and costs associated with prototypes, production scrap and field failures.

Features & Benefits

  • Analyze and verify that clearance and creepage distances comply with requirements for components, surfaces and nets
  • Optimize the design faster and easier for various space, materials and cost constraints
  • Analyze designs prior to manufacturing to reduce iterative design, prototype time and cost, production scrap, field failures and product recalls
  • Ensure product safety
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Additional Information