Windchill for Vendor Management

Windchill for Vendor Management allows companies to collaborate with their key suppliers and vendors by sharing design data and other critical documents with those organizations in a secure, web based environment.    All of this can be accomplished from Windchill PLM securely.    For this application of Windchill technology OEMs are enabled


  • Share design data of any format (native CAD, PDFs, MS Office, Scanned Images, STEP, etc.)
  • Send invitations and notifications to all vendors associated with a project
  • Add and remove participants as needed
  • Apply advanced access controls for security and control
  • Receive data back from vendors as needed including design data, proposals, and design specifications


Vendors benefit from Windchill in a number of ways


  • An easy-to-use web interface
  • Real time access to design data
  • The ability to receive e-mail notifications as data is made available or is changed
  • Advanced viewing capabilities to enable the printing, viewing and interrogation of drawings and 3D models without the need for a CAD system or additional software
  • The ability to share data back to their clients
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