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Windchill ProjectLink delivers comprehensive project management and execution capabilities, enabling effective collaboration by your extended product development team regardless of location.

Globally dispersed teams, and the continual need to meet customers’ expectations, time-to-market targets, and quality goals necessitate effective collaboration. With Windchill ProjectLink, companies can securely harness the talents and energy of the entire team, inside or outside of your firewall. Through a self-administered virtual workspace, Windchill ProjectLink provides project management capabilities and access to accurate product information at the right time, keeping your team aligned, on track, and moving forward.

Key Benefits

Reduce time-to-market and increase competitive advantage

Windchill ProjectLink keeps your team moving forward on
the right activities by automatically assigning tasks and
providing real-time access to current project data. With Webbased
tools to capture good ideas and best practices from
internal and external participants, Windchill ProjectLink helps
companies take full advantage of all available knowledge.


Drive adherence to corporate and industry standards

Using pre-built, workflow-driven project and document templates,
Windchill ProjectLink helps ensure cross-functional
processes are in accordance with prescribed corporate, program
or industry-specific standards.

Windchill ProjectLink allows you to define and execute projects plans as well as associate project tasks with product deliverables.