Windchill ProjectLink

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Windchill ProjectLink delivers comprehensive project management and execution capabilities, enabling effective collaboration by your extended product development team regardless of location.

Globally dispersed teams, and the continual need to meet customers’ expectations, time-to-market targets, and quality goals necessitate effective collaboration. With Windchill ProjectLink, companies can securely harness the talents and energy of the entire team, inside or outside of your firewall. Through a self-administered virtual workspace, Windchill ProjectLink provides project management capabilities and access to accurate product information at the right time, keeping your team aligned, on track, and moving forward.

Key Benefits

Reduce time-to-market and increase competitive advantage

Windchill ProjectLink keeps your team moving forward on
the right activities by automatically assigning tasks and
providing real-time access to current project data. With Webbased
tools to capture good ideas and best practices from
internal and external participants, Windchill ProjectLink helps
companies take full advantage of all available knowledge.


Drive adherence to corporate and industry standards

Using pre-built, workflow-driven project and document templates,
Windchill ProjectLink helps ensure cross-functional
processes are in accordance with prescribed corporate, program
or industry-specific standards.

Key features

Project information management

• Provides folder-based storage and controlled access
to any kind of product content including requirements,
specifications, CAD models, design notes, manufacturing
plans, part definitions, and bills of materials
• Optionally add Windchill PDMLink® for comprehensive
interoperability with product content management, out-ofthe-box
change management procedures and support for
key business processes
• Document check-in/check-out with iteration history
• Share a CAD design with multiple projects at the same
time; thus allowing for potential alternative designs to be
simultaneously developed
• Standardize tasks with document and project templates
• Automated or ad hoc routing of documents and parts
for review and approval
• Access control rules for individual documents, parts
and folders
• XML-based import and export of project information to
and from other projects, corporate enterprise systems or
other exchanges
• Create, review, distribute and track packages of Windchill
managed information (e.g., documents, parts, CAD models,
associated meta data) for sharing with external partners

Project Planning

• Define scheduling and sequencing of activities, tasks
and milestones
• Linked deliverables
• Assign resources to tasks
• Manual and automatic project execution
• Track and report on work (% Completed, % Done, etc.)
• Display project schedules according to timeline or
gantt chart

Enable Collaboration

• Central, secure repository for shared content
• Manage on-line meetings and discussions
• Maintain complete traceability of an object’s history
and time line
• Interoperably exchange information with Windchill

Business process automation

• Tailorable forms define process tasks and tie together
relevant information
• Action Item capture and resolution management
• Enforce deadlines with escalation policies for proactive
and follow-up notifications
• Task reassignment helps project leaders relieve
bottlenecks and facilitate workflow

Windchill ProjectLink allows you to define and execute projects plans as well as associate project tasks with product deliverables.


• Web-based interface presents all information relevant to
specific roles, responsibilities and tasks
• Personalized subscription and notification keep
development teams attuned to the latest changes
• Project portals to dedicated workspaces enable the project
team to track the project schedule, deliverables, status
and associated tasks
• Collaborate interactively through online discussions and
live Web-based meetings
• User portals offer personalized views of specific projects
and activities
• Uses standard Web browser. No client software installation.


• Utilize corporate and functional templates to create,
configure and reuse project information as well as rolebased
user privileges and interfaces without relying on IT
• Invite team members by role using email
• Information organized in a logical, project-centric manner
• Set up folders and add content directly from your desktop

Embedded visualization

• Identify, view and utilize product information, without
requiring the underlying MCAD, ECAD or Microsoft Office
authoring applications
• Locate and verify content quickly and easily with
3D thumbnails
• Provide feedback using embedded markup capabilities

Pre-integrated with many CAD applications

• Manage and visualize multiple MCAD formats including
CreoTM, CADDS® 5, AutoCAD®, CATIA® V5, Autodesk
Inventor®, and SolidWorks®
• Support for major ECAD packages from Mentor®, Zuken®,
and Cadence®

Integrated with Microsoft Applications

• Fully integrated with the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
and Outlook
• Bi-directional Action Item interoperability with
Microsoft Excel
• Exchange and edit plan data with Microsoft Project
• Microsoft Outlook email and meeting integration

Scalable and secure

• Fully scalable, capable of handling thousands of
concurrent users
• Three essential levels of security for managing projects:
– User Authentication: using standard Web server
– Project Access: seal off activity around discrete projects
– File Access: enable access control rights for individual
folders, documents, parts and CAD models

Platform specifications

• Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux
• Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and
Google Chrome
• Database: Oracle 11 and SQL Server 2008
• Languages: English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese
(Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Spanish, Russian