PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager

PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager solution provides a unified, global software development platform that supports all activities and assets associated with the engineering and delivery of applications and products.

• Collaboration, change control and configuration management for all lifecycle assets (not just source code) – Beyond the immediate impacts for traceability and control, this capability opens up unprecedented levels of smart reuse across the development lifecycle.

• Rapid configurability – Templates for traditional, Agile and other methodologies can be used out-ofthe-box, or configured. Configurability increases the business value delivered by this platform while reducing the time to value and total cost of ownership.

• Incremental implementations, unified platform – PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager can comprehensively address the development lifecycle, but supports incremental deployment. One platform means simplified administration, reduced training costs and a single price per user – when you need to expand capability, you already own the platform.

• Integrate easily to leverage existing investments – Whether it’s an incumbent source control tool your organization has customized or a PLM system that must deliver real-time data, PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager has out-of-the-box integrations to popular tools, rich APIs, and tailored integration toolsets aimed at specific needs within software, systems and product engineering. PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager integrates with PTC Windchill and PTC Integrity Modeler to provide access and transparency of data spanning your systems, software and product engineering lifecycle.

• Enterprise scalability, reliability, and data integrity – In use by some of the largest and most demanding organizations in the world, PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager readily scales from 10 to 10,000 users. One system to manage and a unified data model to control means an elimination of data redundancy and an infrastructure that is more stable, secure and scalable.

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