PTC Navigate

Extend the Value of Product Data Throughout Your Company

With ThingWorx Navigate View, your talented engineering team no longer needs to manually access your PLM system to find and share the latest engineering information with others. Now they can do what they do best, develop superior products faster.

And as they start to access accurate, up-to-date product information with ThingWorx Navigate View, we know even more teams will want to use it.

New and Intuitive Role-Based Apps in Windchill 11

PTC Navigate gives you complete data. Up-to-date, contextual, and accurate. It ties into your systems of record like PLM, ALM, and more. It even extends to include other systems, and pulls in data from smart, connected products. It’s IoT ready.

PTC Navigate is easy to use for everyone, too. Not all of your new PLM users are engineers, so why force them through the same rigorous PLM training? Empower manufacturing, service, sales, and purchasing with easy-to-get product data through an intuitive, friendly interface.

‘…these role-based apps will better enable casual PLM users to access and work with information managed by Windchill 11. This continues PTC’s efforts to democratize PLM and make it accessible to more non-engineering and technical personnel.’

– CIMData

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