Tacton Automation for Creo

Tacton Design Automation Engineer Tacton Design Automation Engineer enables design engineers to quickly and interactively capture your end-customer requirements and automatically create customized 3D models and 2D drawings from inside your Creo software


Tacton Design Automation Engineer is a natural part of your engineers’ daily design work. It allows the design engineers to start a configuration model in just two clicks. The configuration models can be stored in a model library. Tacton Design Automation Engineer will automate your routine design process and save time. The generated Creo documents are based on product rules and data defined in a design automation project created in Tacton Design Automation Studio.



Tacton Design Automation Engineer comes fully embedded in your Creo application, so you can leverage your existing CAD investment. It allows your design engineers to interactively capture customer requirements and automatically receive feedback on incompatible choices and how to resolve potential conflicts.

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