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User Licensing:

  • Registered user
  • Active Daily User ( unique user accessing app in a 24 hour period

Software Capabilities:

  • Search
  • View Pages and Reports
  • View and Download Content
  • View and Inspect 2D and 3D Models
  • View Integrity Requirements
  • Organize Folders and Links
  • Participate in Assigned Workflow task
  • Collaborate by creatingand editing topics, posts, annotations, office documents and meetings
  • Create and update problem reports, deviations, waivers, non-conformance issues
  • Initiate and manage changes, release process, and workflow process
  • Create and manage collaboration projects
  • Create and manage reports and templates
  • Custom use apps (option)
  • Integration with PTC Enterprise Systems
  • Integration with non-PTC Enterprise system (option)