Vuforia Studio Enterprise
Vuforia Studio Enterprise, along with Vuforia Experience Service
and Vuforia View, delivers a graphically rich user experience
where information is superimposed over a physical product
through one, universal browser application.

Through the use of these AR development and delivery tools, what was once a world of simple applications shifts towards full product experiences that enable end users in any industry, to better create, service, and operate their products.

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Why Vuforia Studio Enterprise?

Simple, Powerful and Scalable – AR for Everyone

  • Rapid ‘codeless’ authoring of AR experiences.
  • Global service, managing access to all enterprise AR experiences.
  • Vuforia View displays 2D, 3D AR and specific devicelevel information for all “things” through one universal application.
  • ThingMarks uniquely identify each individual discoverable object with Vuforia View.

Connecting AR with the Enterprise

  • Leverage engineering data from tools like Creo or other 3rd party 3D CAD tools inside your AR experience.
  • Add additional animations and sequences created in Creo Illustrate.

Open Platform for Democratized AR Development

  • Broad support for devices, platforms, and 3D geometry.
  • Extensive enterprise system integrations such as ERP, SCM and CRM systems.
  • Quickly connect to IoT objects within ThingWorx or 3rd party device clouds.

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