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PTC Integrity - Why Bother with Requirements and Test Management? Requirements management is the process of documenting, analyzing, tracing, prioritizing and agreeing on requirements and then controlling change and communicating to relevant stakeholders.

Questions that exists around requirements and test management are among others: Can we capture requirements from all stakeholders in a structured way? Can we assess that the system meets every requirement? Can we determine the business impact of unmet requirements? Can we control changes to the requirements? How do we document requirements? Have the requirements been tested and validated?

In this session PDSVISION's requirements management expert Roger Thyrell will walk you through a number of relevant areas. The agenda will be as follow

Why bother with Requirements and Test Management?

· Requirements Management and Test Management – two sides of the same coin
· What benefits does a RM/TM-tool give?
· Traceability to Windchill?
· Live Demo
· Q&A
Jun 26, 201911:30am EDT1 hour
Creo Simulate Live Creo Simulation Live fully integrates real-time simulation directly into the Creo Parametric modeling environment. No need to defeature your model, more hours or days spent waiting for analysis results. Make design changes and get feedback instantly.

Creo Simulation Live lets engineers perform simulation in real time on a parametric model. “So every time you make a change in your model, you’ll see the consequences instantaneously in the modeling environment,”.

Come join us and see it in action.
Jul 10, 201911:30am EDT1 hour
What's New in Windchill 11.2 Windchill 11 is the innovative solution from PTC that helps designers and engineers create smart and connected products. It provides a single source of product information to everyone throughout your enterprise so you can create high-quality products faster.
Windchill 11 includes Role Based Apps: PTC Navigate, Windchill Quality - Thingworx Extension, an Updated Search feature, and much more.
Come join us and see what is new in Windchill 11.2
Jul 17, 201911:30am EDT1 hour
Using Creo Mechanism Design with Keyshot Keyshot 8 connects seamlessly with Creo Parametric and allows you to render out high resolution animations of your Creo Mechanisms, with minimal setup and a one-click export.

Come see how easy it is to reuse your existing mechanism designs and create very high quality animations in minutes with Keyshot 8.
Jul 24, 201911:30am EDT1 hour
Winchill Customer Complaints Management Recording customer complaints and tracking their resolution is also an essential step in remaining compliant with quality initiatives – including ISO 9000, APQP, and medical device standards like FDA CFR 21 Part 820
PTC Windchill Customer Experience Management supplies the highly structured, automated, and repeatable processes necessary to meet regulatory requirements for addressing external quality issues reported through customer complaints. And as an integral PTC Windchill solution, customer complaint processes can include corrective and preventive actions, change and configuration management, document management, and BOM management.
Come join us to learn more!
Jul 31, 201911:30am EDT1 hour